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Turkish Folk Dance Worhshop
Every SUNDAY 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Turkish Karsilama and Black Sea

Turkish Karsilama (9/8, Roman, Rom, Gypsy, Cingen...)
Black Sea - Horon “Turkish Women Dance”

Contact; Vedat, vedatt@live.com 1.310.561 5344

Cost: $15 Per Class and Advance $10 Per Class
(If you get straight 6 classes Pay $60)

Location: Gypsy Camp Ethnic Arts Center
3265 Motor Avenue - Los Angeles CA 90034

Turkish Folk Dance Workshops at Los Angeles


Turkish Folk Dance Classes LA - Los Angeles

Anatolia Folk Ensemble, introduces Anatolia People’s Music, Dance and Cultures from Anatolia – TURKEY. The Group is mainly located in Los Angeles. Also the group members are Turkish, Balkan, Middle Eastern... Honestly from all over the world. You can see in this group such a colorful mosaic. Because of this reason, “We are AnatoliaFolk” (AnatoliaFolk.com) 

The variety of music, dance, and artists makes for a virtually endless combination of exciting performances. There are the mysterious "Turkish Nights", sultry and seductive "Arabic Belly Dance Nights" and how about experiencing the adventurous "1001 Nights"? Each of these ensembles are rich with culture and costuming, audience entertainment and participation.

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